Preface - Annals of the Applied Microbiology Symposium

The Symposium on Applied Microbiology (SMA) is organized every two years by staff members and graduate students from the Graduate School in Applied Microbiology, including contribution of undergraduate students. This graduate school belongs to the Biosciences Institute from the UNESP - São Paulo State University, Rio Claro, Brazil. The SMA acquired prestige among microbiologists, always counting with the participation of undergraduate and graduate students, faculties, researchers and professionals from various institutions in Brazil and international partners/collaborators.

The major aim of the SMA is to promote the unclose of research in the field of Applied Microbiology, highlighting the main scientific discoveries in this field, in order to improve the exchange of knowledge between national and international research institutions, and to establish collaborations.

The abstracts presented at the SMA, will be published on the Annals of the Applied Microbiology Symposium. The abstracts are organized in three main subjects: Environmental, Biotechnology, Ecology and Systematics of Microorganisms.

We are grateful to all members of the organization, who work hard to make this event successful. We also would like to thank to all the participants, for placing your trust in us and for your active support.

Best regards,

Editorial board