Publication Guidelines - Annals of the Applied Microbiology Symposium

The Applied Microbiology Symposium (SMA) accepts abstracts for the Panel Presentation section on selected dates defined by the Organizing Committee in each edition. As a standard for selection, abstracts accepted must to show relevant research and results in one of the following areas of microbiology: Environment, Biotechnology, Ecology and Systematics of Microorganisms. Reviews, case studies, extended abstracts and abstracts on the field of Medical Microbiology, and related areas are not accepted.

The abstracts have to be elaborated in accordance with the following guidelines:

(1) Have to be written in English;

(2) In a concise manner and contain all the information that allows the understanding of the work;

(3) Have to follow the following structure: introduction, objectives, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions and keywords; (4) Must contain a minimum of 2.000 and a maximum of 3.000 characters, counting the spaces and must not exceed one page;

(5) Only one abstract per participant is allowed and a maximum of 7 (seven) authors per abstract.

The text should be continuous, without topic separation. Use the Word software as text editor (save the file in *.doc or *.docx format), Times font, size 12, single space, justified. The title should be written in capital letters and in bold font Times, size 12 and centralized. Scientific names should be in italics (e.g, Penicillium digitatum). The names of the authors (centralized, font Times, size 12) in full form, separated by semicolons. At the end of each last name, the reference number of the author should be rewritten. Once the list of authors has been completed, the information about the authors (institutions separated by semicolons and the e-mail of the presenting author) must be included (font Times, size 10), preceded by their reference number, also superscript. The text should be organized in A4 format (210 x 297 mm), lower and right margins of 2 cm, left and superior 2 cm. Justified and without paragraph indentation, with body text in Times font, size 12, simple space, according to the model available on the event website. The abbreviations, the first time they appear in the text, must be written in full, except for abbreviations already consecrated (ex: IBGE, Incra, Embrapa). If necessary, include in the acknowledgments, at the end of the summary, the granting of grants or research funding. Do not include tables, figures and bibliographical references.

At the registration stage the authors must select the area of microbiology within the event where the submitted abstract fits and shall be assessed by the Scientific Committee and presented.

The authors assume total accountability for the abstracts content, including grammatical and orthographic corrections that may be necessary. The Scientific Committee of SMA retains the right to reject papers that do not conform with the guidelines as previously advised. Abstracts with high similarity levels will not be accepted for publishing.

Download the example here.